Within the C&D Technical Applications corporate division, we use the strength of wheat components to work closely with the industry and with our customers to develop functional solutions for customer-specific requirements.

Innovations made from wheat.

Taking the functionality of natural raw materials, C&D Technical Applications offers customer-specific solutions for many area of the non-food sector. We work closely with our customers to develop and optimise products and manufacturing processes to make end product manufacturing more economic and more environmentally friendly. Because C&D Technical Applications solutions have a big impact on end-product quality and plant productivity. Our challenge is in working with the customer to create tailored solutions for his specific set of objectives.

The raw materials of our innovative solutions.

With its natural ingredients, wheat provides the basis for the development of efficient products, because each constituent part has its own properties and possible applications. The knowledge regarding the performance of every raw material and the high level of development competence at C&D Technical Applications constitutes the basis for innovative and customised solutions for customers from a great variety of different industries and sectors. The possible uses are as efficient as they are diverse.

Creating the optimal solution, side by side.

At C&D Technical Applications, we take a holistic approach to consultancy, development, production and service. The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. It is the customers’ requirements, his manufacturing processes and machines that determine the process and the results.

We not only supply high quality solutions, we also support the customer with expert consultancy in the use or development of new, optimised products and manufacturing processes. Our consultants will be on site to support you and secure the success of the product.

The joint process:

For specific customer requirements, we work in a joint process with our customers to develop wheat-based products and individual solutions.

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Joint definition of the objectives
  • Trust-based collaboration

C&D Technical Applications consultancy expertise

The technical development and applications team at C&D Technical Applications consists of experts from various occupational (chemical and polymer technologists, process engineers, building product chemists and agronomists) who, through their innovative capacity, technical knowledge and expertise are able to precisely match the application of our products to the customer’s specific requirement.

Endless possibilities from nature.

For us, wheat is the basis of everything we need for developing high-performance products. The wheat is first ground and then the wheat endosperm is broken down into its components through the addition of fresh spring water and application of heat. This mixture is then sieved and centrifuged to obtain the wheat starches, proteins, fibres and extracts.

The products obtained in this way are refined during further processing steps such as mixing, extrusion and modification into highly functional products specially refined for our customers. In doing so we fully utilise the ingredients of the wheat grain, making use of all its constituent parts.


Based on ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 22000 for food safety, Crespel & Deiters meets the highest requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection, sustainability, safety and social responsibility. Crespel & Deiters attach special importance to having an efficient energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001, the basic prerequisite for energy-saving production.


If you like to find out more about the possibilities of C&D Technical Applications, simply drop us a line or give us a call.

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