C&D Petfood & Feed develops products from the natural ingredients of wheat, which increase the functionality of the feed and create additional nutritional value.

More nature and efficiency in feed.

Wheat is an important foodstuff, not only for humans, but also for animals. When it comes to developing healthy, efficient feed for pets and livestock, high-quality wheat-based raw materials are excellently-suited for the feed industry. With functional raw materials from wheat, C&D Petfood & Feed, supports – among others – the production of liquid and dry animal feed products and increases the share of natural ingredients.

In its two divisions of Petfood and Feed, C&D Petfood & Feed develops a variety of different solutions made from wheat, which ensure improved balance and acceptance of feed in the different animal feeds. In the pet sector, more focus is placed on the petfood’s content and appearance. With feed in the livestock sector, the energy and performance is the most important factor. With the high quality of its raw material and plenty of competence when it comes to the development of wheat-based solutions targeted at supplementing the feeds, C&D Petfood & Feed satisfies the requirements of both divisions.

C&D Petfood & Feed – Petfood Division:
Solutions for petfood

  • Versatile partner for the feed industry
  • Optimisation of the end-consumer product and the production process
  • Improvement of texture, stability as well as appearance of the end-consumer product
  • Healthy, balanced diet for pets

C&D Petfood & Feed – Feed Division:
Products for feeding livestock

  • Compound feed for livestock farming
  • Products for supplementing the daily feed ration
  • Natural, energy-rich livestock nutrition
  • High acceptance and preference when it comes to the feed

Petfood: Optimisation of the end-consumer product.

Today, in the majority of cases, pets are fully-integrated members of the family. Their owners want them to have a good and long life within the family. Their diet plays a significant role regarding the animals’ health and longevity. Especially the raw material wheat contains essential nutrients. High-quality amino acids, unsaturated fats and fibres, highly digestible proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates ensure tasty, healthy feed and the vitality of pets such as dogs, cats, birds and ornamental fish.

C&D Petfood & Feed does not produce the end-consumer product for pet food. Much rather, we are a versatile, adept partner for the feed industry. We take a holistic approach in considering our customers’ desired final result. Because, using our raw materials, we can optimise the end-consumer product as regards texture, stability and naturalness and also create the desired appearance. Regardless of whether it is used in dry feed, wet feed or for snacks – wheat-based C&D Petfood & Feed solutions integrate the nutrients of wheat in the feed in an easily digestible and highly available manner.

C&D Petfood & Feed | Optimisation of feed for pets with wheat-based raw materials

Solutions for dry feed, wet feed and snacks.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the feed division of C&D Petfood & Feed we have in-depth, industry-spanning product and manufacturing knowledge with regard to the optimisation of stock recipes, production processes or also new product developments. We cooperate closely with our customers. The optimal product is selected from our portfolio and is based on the analysis of the current situation and the defined objectives. Alternatively, an individual solution is developed for the special customer requirements. Our products can also be combined to attain the best result.

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Feed: Energy and health for livestock.

C&D Petfood & Feed | feed high in nutrients, with wheat-based raw materials for livestock

Only robust, healthy livestock can subsequently be a source of healthy food for people. FFor this reason feed must provide optimal nutrition for animals. With its natural, wheat-based raw materials, C&D Petfood & Feed contributes to nutrient-rich, healthy feeding of livestock, thereby ensuring consistent weight-gain and optimum animal growth.

Production of compound feed and products for supplementing the daily feed ration.

C&D Petfood & Feed provides high-quality and physiologically-valuable feed for livestock husbandry, as compound feed or also as a daily feed ration supplement. While our liquid feed is primarily used for feeding pigs, thanks to its good flavour, optimised textures and good usability, our pregelatinised flour is used, e.g. as a stabiliser in milk substitute products.

Selected raw materials for optimal feed.

With its natural ingredients, wheat provides the foundation for efficient solutions that support our customers’ end-consumer products in their functionality as regards the texture, stability and nutrient density. In addition, it can also give the feed the desired appearance. This is because each constituent part of the grain has its own properties and possible applications. This expertise revolving around the raw materials’ performance and the high development competence at C&D Petfood & Feed, provide the foundation for efficient wheat-based product concepts used for manufacturing petfood and feed.

High standards and GMO-free guarantee.

C&D only purchases EU wheat that does not originate from genetically-modified cultures. Using supply-chain specifications, C&D ensures that all upstream processes are evaluated in accordance with an HACCP system and that possible risks regarding chemical, physical and microbiological contamination were minimised or excluded. When it comes to the manufacturing of our products, we also do not use any genetically-modified organisms or aromas. Thus our products can be marked as “GMO-free” in accordance with the EU regulation 1829/1830 of 2003.

Reliable quality.

The efficiency of our production processes ensures that our products always maintain a high quality level. Thanks to the accompanying quality assurance measures throughout the entire manufacturing process, we are able to absorb natural fluctuations in the quality of the natural raw material and can provide consistently reliable products. Structured workflow sequences and far-sighted planning also contribute towards permanent product availability for our customers.

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Certified in accordance with ISO norms

In accordance with certified standards and other guidelines, C&D has implemented binding guidelines for appropriate quality control management and energy efficiency, environmental impact, occupational safety, risk management, compliance, sustainability, and social responsibility, and it promotes the ongoing development and improvement of these systems. All C&D Petfood & Feed products correspond with the current EU Food and Feedstuffs Act.

C&D Petfood & Feed | certifications in the production of wheat-based raw materials for feed

Certified in accordance with ISO norms:

Based on ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 22000 for food safety, Crespel & Deiters satisfies the highest requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection, hygiene and sustainability.

Safety throughout the entire supply chain:

Guaranteeing feed safety along all stages in the feed chain. Certified in accordance with the EFISC European Feed Ingredients Safety Certification (European certification system for feed safety).


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