Keeping the customers’ current requirements, new tasks and diverse applications in sight, C&D develops customised solutions, using expert knowledge and a talent for innovation.

Innovations for the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to offer the best and most beneficial solution at all times, C&D employs a range of experts to further develop existing products and come up with innovative ideas. This involves monitoring our customers’ markets very closely. This is where the challenges of today and tomorrow lie, the challenges the chemical engineers and active ingredients scientists from our Research & Development meet with great innovative capacity and expert knowledge to constantly create new, tailored products.

Always one step ahead.

Using the latest technologies, C&D develops tailored products for use in various applications and industries. As well as being close to market requirements, our engineers are in constant exchange with the customer. Our research and development work is always ahead of the trend. The challenge here is always the same
Product optimisation and increasing the efficiency of our customers’ production processes. Thanks to state-of-the-art research methods and creative, well-trained and highly-motivated employees, the results of our research and development work regularly set new standards for the industry.

Supporting quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Practical viscosity testing in the laboratory.