For us, every day is a new opportunity to support our customers with innovative developments made of wheat, individual solutions and a comprehensive service offer that has the purpose of satisfying the economic and ecological challenges of tomorrow. From generation to generation.

Milestones in the company’s history.

Alexander Crespel and Josef Deiters founded one of Germany’s first starch factories in Ibbenbüren more than 150 years ago. Proactive planning, consistent quality management and targeted investments aimed at securing continual growth, have made Crespel & Deiters one of the leading specialists in Europe for customised products made of wheat. Find out more about the milestones of our corporate history in the following.

Crespel & Deiters ­­– a company with more than 150 years of eventful history, closely linked to Germany’s fate. Find out more about the many exciting stories on how it all began and how Crespel & Deiters has developed into what it is today …