Together with our customers, we create functional wheat-based products which ensure greater efficiency, performance and quality in a wide range of sectors and industries.

The future is made of wheat.

Wheat is a sustainable and universal natural product. C&D has always been fascinated by its many potential uses. As a specialist for the separation of wheat, we have made it our mission to exploit and develop the great variety of possibilities offered by this natural raw material and to bring these to perfection for our customers.

As part of the Crespel & Deiters group for the non-food sector, we bundle special experts and industry knowledge for Corrugating & Paper, Technical Applications as well as Petfood & Feed and develop tailored, functional products. Their use allows industrial companies to develop their products and production in a more commercial, sustainable and efficient manner.

Success brings responsibility.

As a local German manufacturer and regional employer and fair, long-term partner, C&D faces up to its responsibility every single day. It begins with the starch, which is largely sourced from Germany and our local region. It is separated and refined by our long-serving, experienced employees at our main plant in Ibbenbüren. We foster long-term collaboration with our suppliers. C&D is also heavily involved in local initiatives, events and associations.

Corporate Policy of C&D

State-of-the-art high-tech and knowledge.

C&D separates more than 300,000 tonnes of wheat per year, which is then refined to create functional products. To maintain high capacity and even expand further, C&D invests continually in future-focused further development of its production facilities. Our production processes are always technically, ecologically and economically state-of-the-art thanks to innovative in-house developments in the technical area.

Expertise from over 150 years of experience.

C&D’s core competence is in the separation of wheat into its constituent parts and separating it to create innovative solutions. The wheat is processed into flour in regional grain mills. At our headquarters in Ibbenbüren, water is added to the wheat flour to create a dough suspension, which is then separated by means of centrifugal force. High-quality wheat starch, wheat proteins, wheat fibres and wheat extracts are obtained through physical separation, for instance by evaporation, sieving and extraction. During refinement, these natural ingredients are processed by means of mixing, extrusion and modification into functional products, which can be efficiently used in a great variety of different applications and industries.

Maximum performance and high added value for customers.

The reliable quality and high efficiency of our work is the result of our employees´ great knowledge, as well as decades of experience and expertise regarding the natural raw material, wheat.

  • Sustained process stability
  • Compliance with quality parameters
  • High processing performance
  • Optimised yield structure
  • Economic use of resources
  • Reliable delivery dependability and short lead times
  • Security of stocks

Long-term collaboration in logistics.

cund-logo-nostaFor logistics and transport management, we have been working in Germany and abroad with the NOSTA Group for many years.

The NOSTA Group is an international family company that supports us every day in the planning and implementation of our varied logistic and transport tasks. To do this, some NOSTA Group employees work permanently at our Ibbenbüren site.

Functional products for multiple industries.

In order to offer various industries individual solutions efficiently, C&D bundles its entire knowledge as a specialist in the separation and refinement of wheat across various areas of expertise.


Performance on board.

C&D Corrugating & Paper is a developer and manufacturer of tailored adhesive products for the corrugated board industry, contributing to the cost-efficient manufacture of high-quality corrugated board.


Smart solutions by nature.

With the functionality of the natural raw materials, C&D Technical Applications develops sustainable solutions for our customers regarding the production of their end products, supporting them in optimising their processes.


Connected to nature.

C&D Petfood & Feed supports the manufacture of liquid and dry animal feed, thereby increasing the percentage of natural, healthy ingredients with efficient, wheat-based products.

Statutory compliance

To sustainably strengthen and safeguard our corporate success, mutual trust – internally and externally – is an indispensable prerequisite.

In this regard, it is especially our values such as personal responsibility, sincerity and transparency that play an important role, as well as behaviour that is ethically correct and within the law.

The present compliance principles of the Crespel & Deiters Group combine important guidelines and basic rules in one single document.

Compliance Guidelines

C&D is a member of the Industry Acceptance Offensive NRW.

More than 360 industrial companies from the Münster area and the Emscher-Lippe region have joined forces for the North Rhine-Westphalia acceptance offensive ‘In|du|strie – Gemeinsam. Future. Leben.’ [Industry – Together. Future. Live]. Under the joint umbrella brand, they aim to bring the importance of industry as an employer, training provider and driver of progress back into society’s focus.

Gustav Deiters, managing partner of Crespel & Deiters, is spokesperson for the Industry Acceptance Offensive.

C&D is a member of Starch Europe.

Starch Europe represents the interests of the EU starch industry both at European and international level, with the aim of ensuring the sustainable and reliable availability of starch-based ingredients in a fair competitive environment.

Gustav Deiters is Vice-President of Starch Europe.

Crespel & Deiters is a member of the VDGS, the Association of German Grain Processors and Starch Manufacturers.

The VDGS e.V. professionally and efficiently bundles its strengths to increase the industries’ visibility and image and assertively represent their concerns at the national and European level.

Gustav Deiters is chairman of the board and spokesman for the wheat starch division.

C&D is a member of the Association of the Grain, Mill and Starch Industry (VGMS e.V.).

The Verband der Getreide-, Mühlen- und Stärkewirtschaft VGMS e.V. represents bread grain, flour, husk, durum wheat and rice mills, cereal and pasta producers, as well as starch producers in Germany. It represents the economic policy and food law interests of almost 600 companies as an umbrella Organisation.

As an independent commercial association, the Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e.V. represents the interests of its 280 member companies who trade with, produce and store animal feed, premixes and food additives for livestock and pets.

C&D is a member of the Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e.V.

Stadtmarketing Innovationspreis Ibbenbüren 2015 innovation award to C&D for the exceptional success story of a regional company which has been growing continually for more than 158 years in challenging international markets.

 Initiativpreis NRW 2014 initiative award to C&D for outstanding performance in the fields of renewable energies and environmental protection as well as social commitment in NRW.